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Code Enforcement Violation Records

Rose Neighborhood

If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
3925 S 14th Av 06-27-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd South / Brown Dodge Durango Plate 4ca6aga In Front Of Property CE-VIO0624-02461
605 W Ajo Wy 06-26-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / Referred From Sunlink / Overgrown Low Hanging Mesquite Trees Along S 12th Ave, Trees Are Making Contact With Buses CE-VIO0624-02438 22
701 W Oklahoma St 06-26-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : A Pile Of Shattered Tiles And Yard Waste On The Side Of The Property CE-VIO0624-02455 22
4002 S 14th Av 06-24-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd South / Dodge Durango License Number 4ca6aga In Front Of Property CE-VIO0624-02396
748 W Sandy St 06-21-24 Prop Maint Received Refs / Excessive Trash And Debris In Ally Back Of Property And In Back Yard CE-VIO0624-02392 27
840 W Irvington Rd 06-07-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Pmmult : Property Has Overgrown Vegetation CE-VIO0624-02201
4541 S 18th Av 05-27-24 Building Active Fire CE-VIO0524-01993 52
851 W Ajo Wy 05-26-24 Building Active Car Hit Building CE-VIO0524-01992 53
4602 S 19th Av 05-20-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Trees : Overhanging Tree Limbs On Street CE-VIO0524-01906
4612 S 15th Av 05-08-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult - Refuse In Alley. Refer To Park Tucson For Jmv In Alley Of Silver Bmw CE-VIO0524-01711 71
4632 S 16th Av 04-29-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Dump : Trash, Debris And Old Furniture In The Alley CE-VIO0424-01542
854 W District St 02-05-24 Building Active Rwop - Built Fence Without A Permit And Potential Property Line Dispute CE-VIO0224-00481 164
4549 S 13th Av 01-31-24 Prop Maint Citation Mult / Excessive Outside Storage In Front Of Property Multiple Jmv'S Between Walla And Curb Used As Storage CE-VIO0124-00444
828 W President St 01-05-24 Other Active Zres : Running A Car Dealership Business, 15 Vehicles In The Yard CE-VIO0124-00097 195
638 W President St 12-12-23 Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Active Rvac / Multiple Jmv'S Placed In Front Of Of Property, Property Unsecured Boards Removed CE-VIO1223-06846 219
07-13-23 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Overgrown Vegetation And Trees In Neighboring Properties CE-VIO0723-04529 371
4514 S 13th Av 05-10-23 Prop Maint Active Refs : Backyard Like A Shop Full Of Debris, Trash, Assortment Of Garbage CE-VIO0523-03430 435
968 W Irvington Rd 11-17-22 Building Active Car Ran Into Post Located Outside Texas Road House. Owner Has Contracted Contractor To Repair Beam. Staff Enroute To Lowes To Pick Up Supplies To Fix The Damage. No Permits Required. CE-VIO1122-00542 609

Clicking on the activity number will bring up more information about a particular case.

ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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