Updated: Thursday July 18, 2024

Latest Cases Opened by Tucson Code Enforcement

AddressType Status*Neighborhood Code Enforcement
Activity No.
07-16-24 300 E Navajo Rd Prop Maint Received Amphi CE-VIO0724-02759
07-16-24 300 E Navajo Rd Min Housing Received Amphi CE-VIO0724-02769
07-16-24 1029 N Van Alstine St Zoning Received Barrio Anita CE-VIO0724-02751
07-16-24 1616 S Bristol Av Prop Maint Received Barrio Centro CE-VIO0724-02771
07-16-24 342 E Elvira Rd Building Received Barrio Nopal CE-VIO0724-02772
07-16-24 65 E Sublime St Prop Maint Referred Barrio Nopal CE-VIO0724-02770
07-16-24 850 E Wetmore Rd Prop Maint Received Campus Farm CE-VIO0724-02744
07-16-24 5850 E 21st St Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Received Colonia Del Valle CE-VIO0724-02773
07-16-24 5851 E 22nd St Prop Maint Received Colonia Del Valle CE-VIO0724-02777
07-16-24 3339 E Grant Rd Min Housing Received Doolen-Fruitvale CE-VIO0724-02745
07-16-24 3439 E Bermuda St Prop Maint Received Doolen-Fruitvale CE-VIO0724-02774
07-16-24 255 N Granada Av Prop Maint Received El Presidio CE-VIO0724-02763
07-16-24 925 W Farr St Building Active Flowing Wells CE-VIO0724-02779
07-16-24 3334 E Silverlake Rd Prop Maint Received Julia Keen CE-VIO0724-02775
07-16-24 10422 E Avalon Park St Prop Maint Received Mesquite Ranch CE-VIO0724-02753
07-16-24 6082 S Place De La Seine Prop Maint Received Midvale Park CE-VIO0724-02754
07-16-24 3556 E 3rd St Prop Maint Referred Miramonte CE-VIO0724-02767
07-16-24 1125 E East Circle Dr Prop Maint Received Mountain First Avenue CE-VIO0724-02766
07-16-24 935 E 12th St Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02765
07-16-24 5625 E Pima St Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02778
07-16-24 3401 E Fort Lowell Rd Building Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02764
07-16-24 785 N Evelyn Av Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02758
07-16-24 460 S Bryant Av Min Housing Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02768
07-16-24 8071 E Mason St Zoning Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02776
07-16-24 2818 N Richey Bl Prop Maint Received North Dodge CE-VIO0724-02746
07-16-24 3764 E Blacklidge Dr Prop Maint Received North Dodge CE-VIO0724-02755
07-16-24 1401 N Winstel Bl Zoning Referred Palo Verde CE-VIO0724-02756
07-16-24 410 E 7th St Prop Maint Received Pie Allen CE-VIO0724-02749
07-16-24 7712 E Seneca St Prop Maint Received Pio Decimo CE-VIO0724-02761
07-16-24 2483 E Corte De Federico Prop Maint Received Rillito Bend CE-VIO0724-02748
07-16-24 4714 E 13th St Prop Maint Received Rosemont West CE-VIO0724-02762
07-16-24 6049 E Wendrew Ln Prop Maint Received Sewell CE-VIO0724-02750
07-16-24 1044 E 31st St Prop Maint Received South Park CE-VIO0724-02760
07-16-24 5010 S 11th Av Building Property Maintena Received Sunnyside CE-VIO0724-02747
07-16-24 6418 E Calle Dened Prop Maint Received Terra Del Sol CE-VIO0724-02752
07-16-24 623 N 3rd Av Prop Maint Received West University CE-VIO0724-02757
07-16-24 6756 S Downing Av Building Active CE-VIO0724-02780
07-15-24 3306 N Los Altos Av Homeless Camp Received Amphi CE-VIO0724-02730
07-15-24 1621 W Speedway Bl Building Closed - Resolved Barrio Hollywood CE-VIO0724-02735
07-15-24 2731 N Alvernon Wy Prop Maint Received Dodge Flower CE-VIO0724-02734
07-15-24 3115 N Fairview Av Building Active Flowing Wells CE-VIO0724-02732
07-15-24 3115 N Fairview Av Building Active Flowing Wells CE-VIO0724-02733
07-15-24 10650 E Native Rose Tr Building Other Closed - Resolved Houghton South CE-VIO0724-02743
07-15-24 3026 N Geronimo Av Homeless Camp Received Keeling CE-VIO0724-02729
07-15-24 1114 E Halcyon Rd Homeless Camp Received Mountain View CE-VIO0724-02726
07-15-24 756 E Halcyon Rd Homeless Camp Received Mountain View CE-VIO0724-02728
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02739
07-15-24 310 S Williams Bl Other Closed - Resolved N/A CE-VIO0724-02731
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02742
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02741
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02740
07-15-24 9395 E Old Spanish Tr Homeless Camp Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02725
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02738
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02737
07-15-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02736
07-15-24 1427 E Spring St Building Other Property Active Samos CE-VIO0724-02724
07-15-24 328 E 24th St Homeless Camp Received Santa Rita Park CE-VIO0724-02727
07-14-24 1027 N Anita Av Building Other Closed - Resolved Barrio Anita CE-VIO0724-02716
07-14-24 1501 N Oracle Rd Building Received Barrio Blue Moon CE-VIO0724-02712
07-14-24 1502 E Prospect Ln Building Closed - Unfounded Campus Farm CE-VIO0724-02717
07-14-24 1111 E Limberlost Dr Building Active Campus Farm CE-VIO0724-02720
07-14-24 405 W Congress St Building Other Closed - Unfounded Downtown CE-VIO0724-02718
07-14-24 425 W Paseo Redondo Building Other Closed - Resolved El Presidio CE-VIO0724-02714
07-14-24 935 W Prince Rd Building Active Flowing Wells CE-VIO0724-02721
07-14-24 6117 N Samantha Grove Dr Building Active Flowing Wells CE-VIO0724-02719
07-14-24 219 E Delano St Building Homeless Camp V Closed - Resolved Keeling CE-VIO0724-02711
07-14-24 760 W Kelso St Building Active Miracle Manor CE-VIO0724-02723
07-14-24 826 W Kelso St Building Active Miracle Manor CE-VIO0724-02722
07-14-24 501 W River Rd Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02715
07-14-24 7351 E Speedway Bl Building Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02713
07-12-24 8963 E Tanque Verde Rd Signs Received Bear Canyon CE-VIO0724-02705
07-12-24 535 N Kent Dr Prop Maint Received Carriage Park CE-VIO0724-02707
07-12-24 550 N Pantano Rd Prop Maint Received Carriage Park CE-VIO0724-02706
07-12-24 4312 E Lee St Building Received Garden District CE-VIO0724-02701
07-12-24 1214 E Hampton St Min Housing Active Jefferson Park CE-VIO0724-02708
07-12-24 680 W Balboa Dr Building Other Closed - Resolved Miracle Manor CE-VIO0724-02699
07-12-24 10009 S Arnold Ranch Ct Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02704
07-12-24 2 N Avenida De San Ramon Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02700
07-12-24 1421 E Benson Hy Min Housing Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02709
07-12-24 1819 S Avenida Sirio Building Received Terra Del Sol CE-VIO0724-02703
07-12-24 1702 S Marmora Av Prop Maint Received Westside Development CE-VIO0724-02710
07-12-24 926 W Columbia St Prop Maint Received CE-VIO0724-02702
07-11-24 4008 E 27th St Prop Maint Received Alvernon Heights CE-VIO0724-02690
07-11-24 509 N Iroquois Av Prop Maint Received Barrio Hollywood CE-VIO0724-02694
07-11-24 541 N Iroquois Av Prop Maint Received Barrio Hollywood CE-VIO0724-02695
07-11-24 1013 W Huron St Prop Maint Received Barrio Hollywood CE-VIO0724-02693
07-11-24 770 N Citrus Av Prop Maint Received Bonanza CE-VIO0724-02686
07-11-24 5851 E 22nd St Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Colonia Del Valle CE-VIO0724-02688
07-11-24 3017 E Sylvia St Prop Maint Received Country Glenn CE-VIO0724-02697
07-11-24 2414 N Fontana Av Building Property Maintena Active Keeling CE-VIO0724-02698
07-11-24 5117 E 27th St Prop Maint Active Myers CE-VIO0724-02696
07-11-24 1742 S Burning Tree Av Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02687
07-11-24 6918 S Harrier Lp Prop Maint Received N/A CE-VIO0724-02691
07-11-24 6310 E Golf Links Rd Prop Maint Active N/A CE-VIO0724-02692
07-11-24 8900 E Golf Links Rd Prop Maint Received South Harrison CE-VIO0724-02685
07-11-24 142 W Santa Maria St Prop Maint Active Sunnyside CE-VIO0724-02689

CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
ComplianCompliant with requirements - case closed
CourtCitation was issued and case has now been heard in court. Court disposition unknown.
CourtcmpCitation was issued and violator is in compliance with court requirements.
CourtprsCases where a citation was issued, case was heard in court, owner did not comply and violation is of sort where city prosecutor will now file a criminal action. (No longer used)
FieldNewly opened case where inspection has not yet occurred
NoverifyNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
PermitCase opened and owner issued Notice of Violation to obtain permit for work done that needs one. Permit has then been issued and inspector is waiting for permit inspections by PDSD to be completed.
PostcardCase opened, a courtesy notice is being mailed out prior to first inspection. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the Permits Plus computer system.

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