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Code Enforcement Violation Records

Keeling Neighborhood

If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
3026 N Geronimo Av 07-15-24 Homeless Camp Received Hcamp CE-VIO0724-02729 3
219 E Delano St 07-14-24 Building Homeless Camp V Closed - Resolved Tfd - Vacant Bldg Fire CE-VIO0724-02711
2414 N Fontana Av 07-11-24 Building Property Maintena Active Tfd - House Fire CE-VIO0724-02698 7
3050 N 2nd Av 06-28-24 Min Housing Closed - Resolved Rmin / High Priority / Unit 27 / No Ac, Inside Temp In 90'S CE-VIO0624-02522
2617 N 1st Av 06-24-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / A Food Truck At The Front Of The Property Hoses Out Grease And Food Particles Into The Street Which Causes The Debris To Flow Back Up Onto The Sidewalk. The Accumulation Of Grease Build-Up Is Causing Slippery And Unsafe Conditions For Pedestrians Walking Along 1st Avenue, As Well As Making The Area Unsanitary. Occurs Very Early In The A.M. Hours On A Daily Basis. CE-VIO0624-02402 24
2934 N Los Altos Av 06-24-24 Prop Maint Received Mult / High Weeds And Overgrown Vegetation In Front Of Property With Rv CE-VIO0624-02406 24
501 E Amaro Pl 06-24-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Rstor / Excessive Outside Storage In Front Of Property CE-VIO0624-02401
104 E Delano St 06-13-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv : Referred To Odw / School Bus Blue Bird The Top Is White, The Rest Of The Bus Is Black, License Plate Is From Idaho. CE-VIO0624-02293
515 E Grant Rd 06-07-24 Building Closed - Resolved Emergency / Ccar / Tpd Requested For Truck Crashed Into The Side Of The Building. CE-VIO0624-02200
3053 N Estrella Av 06-03-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Refs / Excessive Refuse And Debris Inside Property Wall Going Ito Complex On North Side Of Property CE-VIO0624-02129
2618 N Estrella Av 05-29-24 Zoning Closed - Unfounded Zres / Canopy Tent Setup In Front Of Property With High Beam Lighting Causing Nuisance To Neighboring Properties CE-VIO0524-02030
2703 N Geronimo Av 05-29-24 Prop Maint Active Dump : Couches Dumped At The Empty Lot On The Corner Of Kelso And Geronimo CE-VIO0524-02044 50
2528 N Fontana Av 05-17-24 Building Closed - Resolved Tep Call Out Tampering With Electricity. CE-VIO0524-01879
2528 N Fontana Av 05-17-24 Building Closed - Resolved Tep Called Out For Tampering With Electricity CE-VIO0524-01878
26 E Kelso St 05-17-24 Prop Maint Active Refs : Blocking Sidewalk Access With Junk CE-VIO0524-01869 62
3142 N Estrella Av 05-03-24 Homeless Camp Closed - Resolved Hcamp CE-VIO0524-01621
267 E Laguna St 04-19-24 Zoning Citation Zres : Running Landscape Business From Home CE-VIO0424-01451
401 E Grant Rd 04-10-24 Building Active Cwop/ Large And Small Detach Structure With Addition At Northwest Corner Of Property Without Permit . CE-VIO0424-01307 99
450 E Blacklidge Dr 04-10-24 Zoning Closed - Resolved Rstor / Two Rv'S, Pop Up Camper Trailer And White 4 Door Truck Blocking Public Sidewalk In Front Of Property. Rv Has Utilities Hook Up With Someone Living In It CE-VIO0424-01298
442 E Wilcox Ln 04-02-24 Other Closed - Resolved Emergency / Referred From Tpd / Request Building Safety Event #E240930255 CE-VIO0424-01209
2819 N Estrella Av 04-01-24 Min Housing Active Rmin : Broken Pipe, Standing Water In The Backyard, Tub Is Clogged Up CE-VIO0424-01200 108
2819 N Estrella Av 04-01-24 Min Housing Active Rmin : Plumbing Is Broken, Toilet Doesn'T Work / Roof Is Falling CE-VIO0424-01198 108
231 E Water St 03-15-24 Prop Maint Active Zres - Possible Business Out Of Home, Rv Possible People Living In It, Lots Of Inoperable Vehicles On Property And A Cart Full Of Debris And Fire Hazard. CE-VIO0324-01018 125
102 E Kelso St 03-05-24 Other Closed - Resolved Envi / High Priority / Active Bee Swarm In Back Yard Of Property, Hive In Red Brick Bbq Grill Area. Bees Causing Nuisance To Neighboring Properties CE-VIO0324-00900
214 E Kelso St 11-23-23 Building Active Tfd - Hse Fire CE-VIO1123-06601 238
212 E Blacklidge Dr 11-18-23 Prop Maint Active Pmmult- Trash And Items In Font Of House And On Side Of Driveway CE-VIO1123-06539 243
246 E Laguna St 11-09-23 Prop Maint Active Refs / Damaged Trailer Full Refuse And Debris Items Or Trash Blocking Right Of Way CE-VIO1123-06432 252
3119 N 1st Av 10-17-23 Min Housing Active Tampered With Meter But Unsuccessful, Currently Running Extension Cord To A Neighbor'S Unit CE-VIO1023-06074 275
3044 N Stone Av 10-10-23 Prop Maint Active Commercial Property With Electrical, Zoning Violations CE-VIO1023-05990 282
2535 N Fontana Av 09-20-23 Prop Maint Active Mult / Jmv'S Excessive Weeds, Trash, Dilatated Fence, And Vacant Land Next To Home Is Being Used A Trash Dump And Covered In Weeds CE-VIO0923-05628 302
456 E Kelso St 08-10-23 Prop Maint Active Pmmult - Neighbor Has Dead Tree, Abandoned Vehicles, Various Items Left Out In The Front Yard CE-VIO0823-05030 343

Clicking on the activity number will bring up more information about a particular case.

ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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