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Code Enforcement Violation Records

Julia Keen Neighborhood

If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
3334 E Silverlake Rd 07-16-24 Prop Maint Received Tree / Overgrown Bush Obstructing Driver'S View To Go Onto S Silverlake Rd. There Is Also An Overgrown Mesquite Tree Next To Fire Hydrant. CE-VIO0724-02775 2
2173 S Richey Bl 07-09-24 Prop Maint Active High Priority / Envi / Six Active Beehives On Property CE-VIO0724-02654 9
1482 S Palo Verde Av 07-01-24 Min Housing Closed - Unfounded Envi / Community Pool Unmaintained No Service With Green Water CE-VIO0724-02535
3101 E 23rd St 07-01-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult : Overgrown Vegetation, Trash, And Debris On Property CE-VIO0724-02536 17
3274 E 29th St 07-01-24 Building Closed - Unfounded Rwop / Electrical Fixtures/Lighting And Automobile Access Gate 29th Street Facing/No Curb Cut). To Permitted Existing Wall CE-VIO0724-02539
3646 E Ellington Pl 06-28-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs / Cinder Blocks And Bush Growing Into Alley Behind House. Backyard Has Wood And Refuse Near Fence Back Of Property CE-VIO0624-02529
2007 S March Pl 06-27-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / Large Overgrown Mesquite Tree Behind Property Wall Limbs Growing CE-VIO0624-02474 21
3603 E 24th St 06-26-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / Overgrown Low Hanging Mesquite Tree On Southside Of Property, Tree Hanging Over Fence Into Sidewalk Are CE-VIO0624-02433 22
3502 E Sylvane St 06-25-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult : Junk On The Front, Side, And In The Alley, As Well As Overgrown Weeds CE-VIO0624-02418 23
3674 E Sylvane St 06-11-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Overgrown Bushes, Trees And Trash All Around Property. Overhanging Trees Obstructing Sidewalk And Going Into Street. CE-VIO0624-02274 37
3744 E Juarez St 06-07-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Mult : Accumulation Of Trash On The Properties Side Of The Alley CE-VIO0624-02198
3201 E 27th St 05-23-24 Prop Maint Active Refs / Excessive Refuse And Furniture On West Side Of Property Along S City Parkway CE-VIO0524-01968 56
1431 S Palo Verde Av 05-20-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Pmmult / High Weeds And Palm Tree Fronds In Front Of Property CE-VIO0524-01885
1201 S Palo Verde Av 05-16-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Pmmult : Trash Left On Property And Overgrown Weeds/Trees CE-VIO0524-01852
3451 E 27th St 05-09-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Refs / Appliances, Furniture, Refuse, Debris, And Weeds In Front Of Property CE-VIO0524-01720
1911 S Howard Sv 05-08-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Pmmult : Overgrown Weeds And 3 Junk Cars In The Backyard CE-VIO0524-01717
1765 S Jones Bl 05-07-24 Zoning Closed - Unfounded Rwop / Installed Solar Panels And Electricity In Shed. CE-VIO0524-01707
3742 E 28th St 05-07-24 Building Closed - Resolved Car Hit Home CE-VIO0524-01693
3174 E 26th St 05-06-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Refs : Metal Junk On The Sidewalk Of The Property CE-VIO0524-01670
3311 E 26th St 05-06-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs : Furniture And Junk On The Front Of The Property CE-VIO0524-01669
3766 E Ellington Pl 05-06-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs / Residents Discarded Cut Tree Limbs And Branches In Alley Back Of Property CE-VIO0524-01682
3102 E 22nd St 05-03-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Excessive Overgrown Tree Branches Hanging And Weeds And Grass In Sidewalk And Curb Area. CE-VIO0524-01628 76
3750 E 23rd St 05-03-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Excessive Overgrown Weeds, Couch And Grass In Yard Extending To Sidewalk And Curb Area. CE-VIO0524-01614 76
1410 S Alvernon Wy 04-30-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Pmmult / Overgrown Weeds And Vegetation In Bacl Of Property Along S Winstel Ave, Vegetation Blocking Public Sidewalk CE-VIO0424-01560
1844 S Alvernon Wy 04-24-24 Other Active Emergency Tpd: Rcar / Car Crashed Into Building CE-VIO0424-01493 85
3658 E Ellington Pl 04-15-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Weeds : Tall Weeds On Property CE-VIO0424-01363
1441 S Palo Verde Av 04-12-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Mult : Weeds On Property, Pile Of Trash, And Tree Branches CE-VIO0424-01347
3531 E 23rd St 03-28-24 Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Active Rvac / Vacant Property From House Fire, High Weeds Surrounding Property, Debris From Causing Nuisance CE-VIO0324-01183 112
3401 E 27th St 03-27-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Multiple Jmv'S A Boat, High Weeds, Overgrown Vegetation In Front And Surrounding Property CE-VIO0324-01174 113
3802 E 25th St 03-26-24 Prop Maint Active Rstor / Excessive Outside Storage In Front Of Property In Porch, Porch Covered Up With Plywood CE-VIO0324-01153 114
3738 E March Pl 03-19-24 Zoning Active Rwop / Construction Of Shed In Back Yard Of Property With 3' Set Back CE-VIO0324-01058 121
3202 E 25th St 03-05-24 Prop Maint Active Refs / Trash, Refuse And Debris In Front Of Property On Curb, Placed After B&B Service CE-VIO0324-00892 135
3742 E March Pl 01-16-24 Zoning Active Rwop / Carport Build In Back Of Property With Awning Hanging Over Into Neighboring Property, Carport In Front No Backset Against Property CE-VIO0124-00231 184
3727 E 27th St 05-30-23 Building Property Maintena Active Mult / Work Without Permit Install Block Wall With No Backset For Neighboring Property, Add On Too Back Of Home No Permits Posted CE-VIO0523-03788 415

Clicking on the activity number will bring up more information about a particular case.

ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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