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Code Enforcement Violation Records

Barrio Hollywood Neighborhood

If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
1013 W Huron St 07-11-24 Prop Maint Received Rstpt / Excessive Outside Storage In Front And Side Of Property, Driveway Is Covered With Tarp To Cover Refuse And Debris CE-VIO0724-02693 3
509 N Iroquois Av 07-11-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : Trash On The Front Of Property CE-VIO0724-02694 3
541 N Iroquois Av 07-11-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : Trash On The Front Of Property CE-VIO0724-02695 3
1008 W Saint Marys Rd 07-10-24 Homeless Camp Received Hcamp - No Letter Of Trespass Per Homeless Protocol CE-VIO0724-02671 4
801 N Grande Av 07-08-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmlut / Overgrow Mesquite Trees Along N Grande Ave, Trees Are Low Hanging Over Public Sidewalk CE-VIO0724-02631 6
1110 W Saint Marys Rd 07-03-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd West / White/Cream Color 2-Door With No License Plate, No Hood And A Broken Out Right Tail Light And 2-Door With No License Plate, No Hood, No Engine, No Radiator And No Front Bumper CE-VIO0724-02587
1444 W Delaware St 06-13-24 Prop Maint Active Refs : Furniture And Construction Materials Dumped On Their Side Of The Alley CE-VIO0624-02303 31
618 N Columbia Av 06-11-24 Prop Maint Active Refs : Side Of Yard Has An Accumulation Of Trash CE-VIO0624-02268 33
1013 W Huron St 06-10-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd West / Black Damaged Toyota Camry In Front Of Property CE-VIO0624-02214
1735 W Speedway Bl 06-08-24 Building Active Ccar - Tfd Requesting Building Safety For A Vehicle Into Building At Circle K CE-VIO0624-02208 36
510 N Cherokee Av 06-03-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd West / Navy Blue Honda Civic With Front End Damage And Smashed Windshield CE-VIO0624-02120
506 N Iroquois Av 05-21-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs / Excessive Trash, Refuse And Household Furniture In Front Of Triplex On Curb Going Into Row CE-VIO0524-01935
508 N Iroquois Av 05-21-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs : Furniture And Trash Bags On Curb CE-VIO0524-01916
541 N Iroquois Av 05-21-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs : Furniture And Trash On The Front Of Property CE-VIO0524-01918
1112 W Huron St 05-17-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Pmmult : Overgrown Tree Going Into The Street And Overgrown Weeds CE-VIO0524-01873
1616 W Saint Clair St 05-03-24 Zoning Closed - Resolved Zres / 5th Wheel Trailer In Driveway Of Property Extending Out Of Fence Blocking Sidewalk Into Row CE-VIO0524-01622
915 N Melrose Av 04-24-24 Min Housing Closed - Resolved Rmin / No Ground Wires To Outlets. Roof Leaks. Mice And Roaches. Cold Air Going Through Ceiling. No Air Trap For Exhaust Fan Over Stove. Toilet Leaks Water. Flooring Coming Up. Cabinets Fall And Dead Roaches And Feces Behind Cabinets. Cabinets Full Of Grease CE-VIO0424-01491
1411 W Sonora St 04-18-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs / Refuse And Debris In Alley Back Of Property CE-VIO0424-01417
1372 W Saint Marys Rd 01-31-24 Prop Maint Active Swlk / Referred From Tdot / Failure To Respond To Damaged Sidewalk Nov Address Still In Violation CE-VIO0124-00433 165
1416 W Niagara St 01-24-24 Zoning Closed - Resolved Zres / Work Without Generator On 24 Hours A Day Excessive Refuse Though Out Property CE-VIO0124-00358
1234 W Ontario St 01-22-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Mult : Entire Yard Is Full Of Junk / Storage Bldg. Is Falling Apart / 1 Or 2 Jmv CE-VIO0124-00309
812 N Seminole Av 09-07-23 Prop Maint Zonin Active Dilap / Dilapidated Structure Of Property Roof Shingles Coming Off And Blows Off, High Weeds, Overgrown Vegetation And Trees CE-VIO0923-05429 311
1008 W Saint Marys Rd 07-17-23 Homeless Camp Active Hcamp CE-VIO0723-04581 363
1009 W Erie St 07-11-23 Building Zoning Active Rwop / Building Of Second Home In Back Of Property With No Setbacks Or Permits CE-VIO0723-04468 369

Clicking on the activity number will bring up more information about a particular case.

ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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