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Code Enforcement Violation Records

Groves Lincoln Park Neighborhood

If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
7720 E Basswood Pl 06-25-24 Prop Maint Active Refs / Overgrown Trees, Weeds And Vegetation In Alley Back Of Property Going Into Back Yard. CE-VIO0624-02427 23
4758 S Prudence Rd 06-21-24 Building Property Maintena Active Pmmult / Trash, Jmvs And Fence Built Without Permits. CE-VIO0624-02389 27
4768 S Prudence Rd 06-21-24 Prop Maint Active Rstor / Excessive Outside Storage In Front Of Property, Refuse, Multiple Jmv'S And A Boat CE-VIO0624-02390 27
7289 E Marigold Ci 06-21-24 Prop Maint Active Mult / Excessive Storage In Carport With Overgrown Trees And Vegetation In Front And Side Of Property CE-VIO0624-02386 27
7809 E Almond St 06-10-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult : Overgrown Bushes Blocking The Sidewalk CE-VIO0624-02236 38
7180 E Desert Aire Dr 06-06-24 Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Closed - Unfounded Mult / Vacant Property Unmaintained, Overgrown Pine Tree And Vegetation CE-VIO0624-02178
3985 S Queen Palm Dr 05-31-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd East / White Jeep Cherokee Laredo Plate #Bns4266 - Expired Plate Since 2022 -- Gray Pontiac Grand Prix Plate #Zpa90a CE-VIO0524-02098
4009 S Queen Palm Dr 05-31-24 Zoning Referred Jmv / Referred Ode / Inoperable Jeep Cherokee (Lic Plate # Bns4266 ) And Pontiac Grey Gran Prix (Lic Plate #Zpa90a) Sitting At The Ne Corner Of Palm Drive. CE-VIO0524-02105
7168 E Desert Aire Dr 05-28-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult : Dead Tree And Overgrown Weeds All Over Property CE-VIO0524-01999 51
7527 E Poplar St 05-22-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Bees - Active And Aggressive Beehive In The Backyard Metal Shed On The East Side Of Parcel. CE-VIO0524-01937
4811 S Rosette Av 05-21-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd East / Dark Blue Dodge Pickup, Plate Arl8634 On South Side Of Property Along S Lantana Cir CE-VIO0524-01923
7801 E Boojum Pl 05-16-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Overgrown Low Hanging Trees And Dried Vegetation Preventing Public Sidewalk Access Along S Apple Tree Ave. CE-VIO0524-01851 63
4784 S Prudence Rd 05-09-24 Building Active Rwop : A Porch Was Added That Goes To The Alley CE-VIO0524-01730 70
7156 E Desert Aire Dr 05-08-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Pmmult - Abandoned Home, Unmaintained Pool With Excessive Weeds CE-VIO0524-01712
7615 E Persimmon Dr 05-08-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs : Branches And Weeds Dumped In Alley CE-VIO0524-01716
4861 S Prudence Rd 05-03-24 Prop Maint Zonin Citation Zres / Rv On North Side Of Property With People Living In It Rv Has Electric, Water And Sceptic Line Going Into Wash Next To It CE-VIO0524-01634
7266 E Freestone Dr 04-23-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Mult : Weeds And Excessive Storage Outside CE-VIO0424-01477
7279 E Freestone Dr 04-23-24 Prop Maint Active Mult : Weeds And Excessive Storage CE-VIO0424-01479 86
8421 E Desert Palm St 04-13-24 Building Closed - Unfounded Lights - Neighboring Property Owner Alleging This Home Has Floodlights Installed With Extension Cords That Are Shining Into Their Back Windows Past 11 Pm CE-VIO0424-01350
4600 S Goldenrod Dr 04-02-24 Other Active High Priority / Urbag - Bee Hive Under The Shed That Is Falling Apart CE-VIO0424-01218 107
4757 S Lantana Ci 03-24-24 Building Active House Fire CE-VIO0324-01130 116
7741 E Apple Tree Dr 03-11-24 Zoning Active Not Meet Shelter Requirements, And Setbacks CE-VIO0324-00956 129
7138 E Freestone Dr 01-23-24 Zoning Active Urbag / Rooster In Back Yard Of Property CE-VIO0124-00323 177
4735 S Green Olive Dr 05-12-23 Prop Maint Active Pmmult : Weeds Throughout Yard, Cypress Trees Look Like A Fire Hazard, Old Weathered Boxes In Carport. CE-VIO0523-03487 433
3932 S Lone Palm Dr 02-23-23 Zoning Active Rwop / Work Without Permit A Section Of The Rear Porch Was Enclosed And Has An Enclosed Storage Attach To The Main Structure Of The Home At The South/West Corner. Will Be Issuing Notice. CE-VIO0223-02075 511
4225 S Queen Palm Dr 09-28-22 Building Active Construction On Property Possibly Without Permits, Addition On West Side Going All The Way To Property Line. Modification Of Garage To Add Square Footage To Residence T22DV05594 659

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ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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