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Code Enforcement Violation Records

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If there is a number in the Days Open column on the right, the case is open and beng worked by CE. Some cases
have been transferred to another unit of government or to the courts. Sometimes the status has not been updated.
Listing is limited to most recent 300 cases.

Location of Violation Date
Type Status*Description Code Enforcement
Activity No.
926 W Columbia St 07-12-24 Prop Maint Received Zres / White Semi Truck Parking On Eastside Of Property In Driveway CE-VIO0724-02702 2
9111 E Broadway Bl 07-09-24 Prop Maint Received Trees / Overgrown Trees In Front Of Property Obstructing View For Traffic Leaving The Apartment Complex. CE-VIO0724-02649 5
1501 N Oracle Rd 06-27-24 Building Received Fire - Tfd Requesting Building Safety For A Fire And Subsequent Water Damage On Multiple Floors Of The Building CE-VIO0624-02507 17
06-24-24 Min Housing Received Rmin / Unit 201 / Water Leaking Form Window From Upper Level On Outside Wall Cause Flooing To Get Wet CE-VIO0624-02397 20
446 N Campbell Av 06-19-24 Other Closed - Resolved Tfd Emergency Call Out/Smoke In Pizza Oven Flute Exiting The Structure CE-VIO0624-02343
1021 E 24th St 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Refs / Accumulations Of Trash, Debris And Animal Waste In The Backyard Creating Nuisance. CE-VIO0624-02324 26
1602 E Camino Carreta 06-18-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Weeds / Referred From Es / Failure To Respond To Weeds Protocol Address Still In Violation / Excessive Weeds In Front Or Back Of Property CE-VIO0624-02321
1740 N Avenida Azahar 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : Junk On The Front Of The Property CE-VIO0624-02336 26
2601 W Broadway Bl 06-18-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Pmmult : The Steps On The West Side Of Building O Have Loose Cement And A Broken Step. CE-VIO0624-02329
2900 W Speedway Bl 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : Junk On The Front Of The Property CE-VIO0624-02335 26
3028 N Geronimo Av 06-18-24 Min Housing Received Rmin / Unit 2 : Roach Infestation, Leak In Kitchen, And Dilapidated Roof CE-VIO0624-02340 26
3222 S Mormon Dr 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Rstor / Excessive Storage In Front Of Property. CE-VIO0624-02334 26
342 S Stratford Dr 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Refs - Excessive Refuse In The Backyard Visible From Alley CE-VIO0624-02338 26
3795 N Warren Av 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Weeds / Referred From Es / Failure To Respond To Weeds Protocol Address Still In Violation / Excessive Weeds In Front Or Back Of Property CE-VIO0624-02322 26
4034 E Roberts Pl 06-18-24 Building Closed - Unfounded Rwop / Homeowner Is Adding Additions To The Back Of The House Without Permits. CE-VIO0624-02323
4450 E 16th St 06-18-24 Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Active Rvac / Vacant Property, Renovation To Property Stopped Leaving Building Materials And Excessive Storage Outside Of Front And Back Of Property, High Weeds And Vegetation CE-VIO0624-02342 26
5142 S Fremont Dr 06-18-24 Zoning Closed - Unfounded Urbag / Structure For Chickens In Back Yard Of Property Is Against Shared Property Wall On West Side, No Set Back CE-VIO0624-02339
5732 E Burns St 06-18-24 Prop Maint Active Envi - Green Unmaintained Pool CE-VIO0624-02325 26
642 S Marvin Av 06-18-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd East / Gold Ford Ranger Truck. Plate Bjm9247 In Front Of Property CE-VIO0624-02328
6767 E Tanque Verde Rd 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult : The Overgrown Vegetation On The Sw Corner Of The Property Is Blocking Drivers View CE-VIO0624-02341 26
7249 E Flamenco Dr 06-18-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv / Refer To Tpd East / Red Chevrolet Monte Carlo On Front Of Property On Row CE-VIO0624-02330
7529 E Beach Dr 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Refs : Yard Debris Left On The Properties Side Of The Alley CE-VIO0624-02337 26
7755 E Rhiannon Dr 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Rmin /Ac Not Working. CE-VIO0624-02332 26
7917 S Lennox Ln 06-18-24 Prop Maint Active Rstor / Excessive Storage Such As Ladders, Wood And Tools In The Front Of Property. CE-VIO0624-02327 26
9401 E 22nd St 06-18-24 Prop Maint Closed - Unfounded Refs / Trash And Debris Left In Front Of Property. CE-VIO0624-02326
9711 E Colette St 06-18-24 Prop Maint Received Envi : Unmaintained Pool CE-VIO0624-02333 26
06-18-24 Prop Maint Referred Jmv : Referred To Ods / Blue Honda Cr-V, License Plate Is 8va59j CE-VIO0624-02331
115 N 3rd Av 06-17-24 Zoning Received Hpz / Large Tent Structure Extends The Entire Distance Of A Driveway On Of Historic Zone CE-VIO0624-02315 27
2301 N Treat Av 06-17-24 Prop Maint Received Refs / Excessive Amounts Of Mattresses And Furniture Thrown Between The Dumpster And Fence. CE-VIO0624-02311 27
3101 E 25th St 06-17-24 Zoning Active Zres / White Rv Parked In Front Of Home With Occupants Living In It. Possible Connection To Utilities. CE-VIO0624-02319 27
377 E Thoroughbred St 06-17-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Overgrown Trees And Weeds Along E Thoroughbred St And S Annapolis Dr, Trees Are Blocking Traffic Street Signs And Impeding Row CE-VIO0624-02312 27
4301 E Pima St 06-17-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult / Repeating Occurrence Of Loose Gravel Covering Sidewalk Along Westside Of Property Not Allowing Ada Access, Overgrown Weeks And Vegetation Past Gravel CE-VIO0624-02313 27
4341 S Boxwood Pl 06-17-24 Building Other Closed - Resolved Tfd Emergency Call Out-Dwelling Fire CE-VIO0624-02320
630 N Palo Verde Bl 06-17-24 Prop Maint Received Refs / Two Large Piles Of Tree Cuttings And Dead Branch On The Property Abutting CE-VIO0624-02316 27
638 W President St 06-17-24 Vacant/Nuisance Buildings Referred Rvac / Vacant Neglected Structure, Trash And Refuse, Hcamp CE-VIO0624-02314
9625 E Vicks Pl 06-17-24 Prop Maint Received Jmv / Refer To Tpd East / Silver Nissan Rouge Plate Bzh4130 Front Driver Side Body Damage On Left Side Of Drive Way In Row CE-VIO0624-02318 27
06-17-24 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / Overgrown Vegetation Between (S Sonoran Heights Dr/E Foxmoor Dr) Homes West Of S Houghton Rd Within Parcel CE-VIO0624-02317 27
6541 E David Dr 06-15-24 Building Other Closed - Resolved Tfd-Emergency Call Out/House Fire CE-VIO0624-02310
1221 S 5th Av 06-14-24 Prop Maint Received Referred To Ods / Jmv / Inoperable Work Truck Parked On Sidewalk. CE-VIO0624-02306 30
3030 S Kolb Rd 06-14-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Rstor / Excessive Storage In Front Of Property, Trailers Filled With Refuse And Debris, Jmv'S With Storage CE-VIO0624-02307
463 W Irvington Rd 06-14-24 Prop Maint Citation Emergency / Refer From Tfd / Verify Structure Stability Of Food Truck CE-VIO0624-02308
505 E Grant Rd 06-14-24 Building Active Emergency / Ccar / Car Crash Through Building. CE-VIO0624-02309 30
06-13-24 Building Active Emer - Tfd Requesting Building Safety For A Ruptured Water Heater That Has Flooded The Building To Include 3rd Floor, 2nd Floor And 1st Floor. CE-VIO0624-02305 31
6200 S Campbell Av 03-28-24 Prop Maint Active Pni : Property Maintenance Deficiencies And Need Structure Repairs. CE-VIO0324-01188 108
6280 S Campbell Av 03-28-24 Prop Maint Active Pmmult : Property Maintenance Deficiencies And Need Structure Repairs. CE-VIO0324-01189 108
5712 E Broadway Bl 03-26-24 Prop Maint Closed - Resolved Refs / Referred From Ward Office / Overgrown Vegetation On Northside Of Property Back Wall Along E 10th St CE-VIO0324-01170
3602 E 28th St 11-03-23 Other Received Chain Link Fence Built In Row. TR-NOV1123-00028 254
5724 E 23rd St 10-18-23 Other Received Have Not Completed The Permanent Asphalt Repair. Temp Patch Failing TR-NOV1023-00027 270
1150 E Irvington Rd 07-13-23 Graffiti Active Balcony Is Falling And Has Water Damage CE-VIO0723-04503 367
8898 E Tanque Verde Rd 06-15-23 Prop Maint Received Pmmult / Eucalyptus Tree Trimmings Left On Property Behind Shopping Center South Wall. They Trimmed 11-23-2022 And Are Still There. One Fell Over On My Wall And The Others Were Just Left Behind On The Ground. One Tree Fell Right Behind My Wall, On My Property, Which Was Prepared To Drain Rain Water Downhill To The Wash Bed To The East. The Debris And Leaves Will Interfere With That Drainage If Not Cleaned CE-VIO0623-04089 395
2284 S Mcconnell Dr 04-05-23 Prop Maint Received Weeds / Referred From Es / Failure To Respond To Weeds Protocol Address Still In Violation/ Excessive Weeds CE-VIO0423-02787 466
8601 E Mormon Dr 04-05-23 Prop Maint Received Weeds / Referred From Es / Failure To Respond To Weeds Protocol Address Still In Violation/ Excessive Weeds CE-VIO0423-02775 466
2629 E 8th St 01-18-23 Other Received Roto Rooter Performed Emergency Repair In Moratorium Roadway. No Permit Issued. Temporary Patch In Place. TR-NOV0123-00003 543
308 W Aviation Dr 10-16-22 Building Active Vacant Abandon House - Tpd T22DV05995 637
1217 W Niagara St 10-12-22 Building Active Reports Of An Addition To Rear Of House Or A Garage, Possible Work Without Permits T22DV05936 641
308 W Aviation Dr 10-11-22 Building Active Vacant And Abandoned Structure With Possible Squatters. T22DV05910 642
7450 E 22nd St 10-11-22 Building Active Pni Project Buildings 5, 6, 7 8. T22DV05908 642
7442 E 22nd St 10-10-22 Min Housing Active Unit #28roach Infestation, Hallways Caving In, Leaks In Masterbath And Kitchen, Plumbing In Kitchen Floods T22DV05884 643
7450 E 22nd St 10-10-22 Other Active Pin Case T22DV05874 643
3430 E Valencia Rd 09-27-22 Prop Maint Active Overgrowth Of Weeds Reported Along S Palo Verde Rd. As Well As On South Portion Of Parcel Along E Universal Way T22DV05572 656
47 W 4th St 09-20-22 Building Property Maintena Active Mult - Refuse- Excessive Pigeon, Fly, And Mosquito Infestations- Broken Windows- May Be Living Without Electricity. T22DV05436 663
8434 E Rolling Ridge St 09-20-22 Zoning Active Extened Back Fence Line Into Easement Past Property Line T22DV05434 663
8901 E 3rd St 09-06-22 Building Active Work Without Permits Two Detached Metal Shade Structures T22DV05157 677
6731 S 6th Av 09-02-22 Zoning Active Empty Lot Unmaintained Overgrown Vegetation Growing Onto Sidewalks Not Allowing Access. T22DV05123 681
10031 E Escalante Rd 08-31-22 Prop Maint Active Sidewalk Violation Per Tdot T22DV05066 683
4519 E 30th St 08-29-22 Prop Maint Active Refuse In Alley T22DV05015 685
8815 E 21st St 08-29-22 Building Active No Work Permits Posted, Work Without Permits T22DV05004 685
1931 W Lester St 08-26-22 Building Active Enclosed Garage Without Permits, Windows Don'T Have Vapor Barriers, Electrical Is Hanging Everywhere. T22DV04984 688
8021 E Scarlett St 08-24-22 Building Active Work Without Permits T22DV04925 690
1310 W Ajo Wy 08-19-22 Building Active Exterior Bulding Violations T22DV04836 695
4325 E 31st St 08-17-22 Building Active Property Riddled With Overgrown Weeds And White Honda Jmv In Front Yard With Shredded Car Cover On Top T22DV04789 697
7139 E 22nd St 08-15-22 Prop Maint Active North East Corner Of Property Empty Lot High Weeds Trach And Debris09/19/2022 M.R.Issue With Homeless Using Backwall As Restroom Area. Overgrowth Of Trees And Bushes Has Attracted Transients. Refuse Left Behind10/13/2022 M.R. Area Behind Goodwill Has Accumulation Of Refuse T22DV04713 699
4652 E 19th St 08-10-22 Prop Maint Active Refuse In Alley T22DV04594 704
6592 E Calle Castor 08-09-22 Building Active House Fire T22DV04578 705
8102 E 6th St 08-09-22 Prop Maint Active Junked Vehicle, Trash T22DV04562 705
1177 E Lester St 08-08-22 Prop Maint Active Dumpster With Accumulated Refuse In Front Yard. Has Been On Location At Least Since March, With No Active Construction Work- Owner Uses For Other Properties. T22DV04531 706
3301 N 1st Av 08-04-22 Building Active Room Added To Back Of Building Without Permit T22DV04457 710
6193 E Grayhawk Ranch Rd 08-04-22 Zoning Active Semi Truck Trailer Used For Storage In Back Yard Hauling Inhuge Dump Trucks Full Of Dirt And Operating Large Tractors8/9/22: Flimsy Fence - Ao T22DV04442 710
1010 S Wilmot Rd 08-03-22 Building Active Building Had Major Renovation Work Done. No Fire, Mechanical, Electrical Inspections. No Certificate Of Occupancy Has Been Givien. T22DV04416 711
1802 S Rosemont Av 08-03-22 Prop Maint Active Trashcans/Recycle/Trash Blocking Sidewalk/Street. Overgrown Mesquite Tree Blocking Sidewalk T22DV04408 711
4612 E 19th St 08-03-22 Prop Maint Active Alleyway Has Tall Weeds And Grass And A Few Empty Boxes T22DV04407 711
8311 E Koralee Pl 08-03-22 Building Active Broken Down Vehicle And Trash In Front Yard Visible From The Street T22DV04392 711
11031 E Cactus Spine Rd 08-02-22 Prop Maint Active Landscape Obstructs Sidewalk Facing Desert Senna Loop T22DV04376 712
7921 E Rosewood St 08-01-22 Building Active Installed Ac Unit On Top Of Garage Without Permits T22DV04315 713
2702 E Benson Hy 07-28-22 Zoning Active Fence Installed And Blocking The Wash For Water Flowing Through T22DV04276 717
1438 S Camino Arriba 07-21-22 Prop Maint Active Accumulation Of Refuse On Parcel, West Portion Has A Small Divet/Arroyo That Is Filled With Furniture Chairs, Mattresses, Sofas, Etc. Overgrown Weeds T22DV04114 724
6844 E Kingston Dr 07-14-22 Prop Maint Active Property Has Not Been Cleaned Reports Of General Neglect Of Yard, Weeds And Branches T22DV03974 731
8441 E Desert Steppes Dr 07-14-22 Prop Maint Active Alley Behind Home Full Of Garbage As Is The Front Of The Home. Garbage Is Flowing Into The Wash. T22DV03995 731
8116 E 6th St 07-13-22 Prop Maint Active Weeds Reported 09/03/2021. Work Order Sent Back- Property Not Clean. Refer To T21dv06117 T22DV03948 732
8733 E Old Spanish Tr 07-13-22 Building Active Living Space Added On Under Existing Carport. T22DV03938 732
9309 E 29th St 07-11-22 Building Active Piles Of Refuse And Debris, Fence Is Unstable And Not Holding Up Correctly. Rodents Are An Active Issue. Excessive Outdoor Storage T22DV03912 734
1345 S Kolb Rd 07-06-22 Prop Maint Active Main Swimming Pool Behind Management Building Has Large Spacing In Iron Wrought Fencing That Is Allowing An Opening For The Tenants08-11-2022 Lgpool Fence Around Pool Has Open Wright Iron Spaces On Fence And Locked Don'T Work. Pool Is Green T22DV03809 739
1435 N Camino Seco 07-01-22 Prop Maint Active Excessive Storage, Property Owner Stores Everything Out Front T22DV03742 744
1643 N Camilla Bl 06-27-22 Building Active Grading And Demo Without Permit. 1637 N Camilla Blvd Is Being Added To This Case. Per L.P T22DV03640 748
7032 S Dunnock Dr 06-24-22 Building Active Construction Withoout Permits, Patio Roof Has Been Extended T22DV03625 751
1415 N Sarnoff Dr 06-21-22 Prop Maint Active Dead Vegetation T22DV03529 754
5604 E Farmridge Dr 06-20-22 Building Active Back Porch Constructed Possibly With Out Permits, Addition Attached To Manufacture Home. T22DV03521 755
5880 E Tercel Dr 06-18-22 Building Active Large Gazebo Type Structure In Backyard T22DV03489 757
515 E 20th St 06-11-22 Building Active Large Dwelling Being Built Very Close (Less Than 10 Ft) From Property Line In Backyard T22DV03370 764
6808 E Koralee St 05-27-22 Prop Maint Active Excessive Refuse/Debris In Front Of House And On Sides Visible From The Street. T22DV03190 779
7438 E 22nd St 05-26-22 Min Housing Active Vacant And Unsecured Unit T22DV03167 780
7440 E 22nd St 05-26-22 Min Housing Active Vacant And Unsecured Unit T22DV03169 780
7444 E 22nd St 05-26-22 Building Active Pni Project T22DV03752 780
7450 E 22nd St 05-26-22 Min Housing Active Pni Code Violations T22DV03164 780
7440 E 42nd St 05-23-22 Prop Maint Active Graded The Alleyway With 9ft Of Renovation And Constructions Refuses. T22DV03088 783
1616 S Bristol Av 05-10-22 Prop Maint Active Furniture In Row T22DV02877 796
241 S Prudence Rd 04-28-22 Homeless Camp Active At Least 3 Camps In The Grassy/Shrub Area.06/09/2022 M.R. Real Estate Calling To Get In Contact With Inspector About Clean Up Date That She Is Working On Setting Up. T22DV02710 808
7440 E 22nd St 04-27-22 Building Active Sewer/Line Break T22DV02683 809
3929 S Elizabeth Dr 04-26-22 Min Housing Active Occupants In House With No Active Water Utility. Water Line May Be Broken And In Need Of Repair. T22DV02646 810
1115 S Floral Ridge Wy 04-20-22 Prop Maint Active Sidewalk Concern T22DV02554 816
1116 S Speckled Stone Wy 04-20-22 Prop Maint Active Sidewalk Concern T22DV02553 816
12 E University Bl 04-20-22 Building Active Replacement Of Sidewalk- Work On Water, Gas Trenching Etc05/05/2022email Complaint- Working Without Permits, Enclosing Porches -M.R.06/23/2022: Email Submission: M.R. Property Almost Finished With Their Project, Enclosed Balcony, Adu On Property That Was Previously A Shed. T22DV02562 816
04-20-22 Prop Maint Active Sidewalk Concern T22DV02556 816
1821 E Virginia St 04-14-22 Prop Maint Active Refuse In Alley T22DV02472 822
8349 E Colette St 04-13-22 Prop Maint Active Dead Tree And Sits On Wall And Starting To Crack Also Affecting Electric Line. T22DV02441 823
5403 E Bellevue St 04-12-22 Prop Maint Active Trash, Weeds T22DV02415 824
6516 E 42nd St 04-11-22 Prop Maint Active Refuse In Alley T22DV02398 825
5643 E 3rd St 04-05-22 Prop Maint Active Weeds T22DV02259 831
3703 N 1st Av 03-29-22 Min Housing Active No Heater Since Nov, Ongoing Plumbing Issues- Electric Issues, Roach Infestation T22DV02077 838
224 N Bean Av 03-22-22 Building Active Building A Structure Without A Permit Adding Info - 4/20/22 Building In The Back Of The Property T22DV01958 845
3238 E Camden St 03-22-22 Prop Maint Active Extremely Tall Grass/Weeds T22DV01940 845
3333 N Flowing Wells Rd 03-17-22 Building Active Mutiple Rvs, And 5th Wheels Have Been Installed Without Zoning Approvals. T22DV01880 850
3333 N Flowing Wells Rd 03-17-22 Building Active V.A.N.S. Unit Marked 146 T22DV01873 850
3333 N Flowing Wells Rd 03-17-22 Building Active V.A.N.S Unit Marked 144 T22DV01872 850
7101 E Lilac Pl 03-10-22 Building Active Additional Room Being Built Without Permits, On West Side Of The Home On The Side Facing Kolb Rd. T22DV01759 857
4301 S White Pine Av 03-09-22 Building Active Enclosing Carport T22DV01736 858
1950 E Bantam Rd 03-03-22 Zoning Active Foodservice Truck Parked In Residential Area T22DV01625 864
9830 E Domenic Ln 03-03-22 Zoning Active A Bump In The Side Walk That Is A Trip Hazzard T22DV01626 864
1615 N Santa Rita Av 03-01-22 Building Received A Storage Building In Dilpidated Condition Was Converted To A Living Unit T22DV01553 866
8802 E Broadway Bl 03-01-22 Signs Active Flag Sign On Easement That Is Not Permiited T22DV01543 866
8913 E Harborage Dr 02-24-22 Prop Maint Active Weeds, Dilapidated Fence08/01/2022 Am Front Door, Onings On Front Door Have Live Wasp Nests. T22DV01465 871
3200 N Oracle Rd 02-23-22 Zoning Active Several Trees Have Been Removed And Not Replaced08/17/2022 A.M Several Udc Required Trees Have Been Removed Along Fort Lowell Rd T22DV01434 872
9321 E Palm Tree Dr 02-09-22 Building Active Work Without Permit T22DV01089 886
9326 E 30th St 02-09-22 Building Active : Burning Of Plastic And Trash. Electric On Out Side Of House To Pool Did With No Permit. Taking Air-Conditioning Unit'S Apart T22DV01080 886
6827 E Camino Principal 02-07-22 Building Active Accessory Structures At The Rear Of The Builing T22DV01019 888
8032 E Victoria Dr 02-07-22 Prop Maint Active Weeds And Trash T22DV01012 888
1681 W Prince Rd 02-04-22 Building Active Unit 19 Has A New Mobile Home Set Up Without Permits Or Approvals T22DV00964 891
1734 S Avenida Sirio 02-04-22 Min Housing Active Open Trenches On Work Not Barricaded 08/09/2022 M.R. Voice Message Complaint Stating Property Needs To Be Maintained Has Refuse, Weeds, And Inoperable Vehicles, Neighbors Are Worried For Tresspassers And Security Of Neighboring Properties.08/16/2022 Am Reports Of Property Not Being Maintained T22DV00952 891
8760 E Placita Playa 02-04-22 Building Active Trash And Junked In Yard. Possible Illegal Boarding Home Being Run From Home. T22DV00965 891
9225 E 29th St 02-03-22 Building Active Building A Garage Addition Without Permits. T22DV00912 892
3445 N Romero Rd 01-26-22 Min Housing Active 10,000 Ft Of Gravel Was Set On The Rv Park, Now There Is A Ramada Being Built With Out Permits. Moved Garbage Bin Without Permission Far From Property. T22DV00683 900
2534 E Eastland St 01-18-22 Building Active Enclosed The Back Porch And The Front Carport Into Additional Living Space Amd Crew Continues To Work Past 7 Pm T22DV00435 908
9642 E Deer Trail 01-18-22 Prop Maint Active Weeds In The Property Have Not Been Cut T22DV00450 908
711 N Sarnoff Dr 01-14-22 Prop Maint Active Overgrown Trees Leaning Into The Sidewalk./ Add - Abandoned House People In And Out Of The Carport And Backyard - 1/2/24 Nc T22DV00358 912
350 N Wilmot Rd 01-13-22 Zoning Active Violation Of Landscaping Requirement On North End Of Pad (Per Approved Planned Area Development Pad-13)- Required Plants Have Died, Irrigation System Failing. Reference Udc 10.2.5 & 10.3.3. T22DV00304 913
1335 W Speedway Bl 12-27-21 Min Housing Active Large Dead Tree In Front Yard T21DV09088 930
875 W Miracle Mile 12-23-21 Building Active Sprinkler Discharge T21DV09066 934
78 N Placita Del Saco 12-07-21 Prop Maint Active Army Truck, Tent Trailer And Another Trailer Storage In Frontyard T21DV08650 950
9431 E Placita Cascada 08-17-21 Building Active Fence Fell Onto Property Next Door, Overgrowth Of Weeds And Holes In The Back Yard. **Owner Is Deceased Per Caller And Home Has Been Abandoned For Months.** T21DV05464 1062
6167 E Speedway Bl 07-23-21 Building Active Addition Of New Steel Structure On Back Side Of Building T21DV04667 1087
2304 N Forgeus Av 06-03-21 Building Active Service Panals And Ac Being Changed Without Permits T21DV03351 1137
6225 S Morris Bl 06-03-21 Building Active Work Without Permit T21DV03353 1137
247 W Grant Rd 05-28-21 Zoning Active Business Operating Without Approved C Of O T21DV03210 1143
3585 N Romero Rd 05-28-21 Zoning Active Arizona Steel & Ornamental Supply (Retail) Is Cutting, Shearing, Etc Steel (Manufacturing) In Excess Of The Allowed Manufacturing Accessory Use Of 25% Per Udc 4.9.5.C.9- May Not Have C Of O Either. Steel Tailings And Debris Is Blowing Into Neighboring Properties Causing A Nuisance. T21DV03212 1143
3415 E Monte Vista Dr 05-26-21 Building Active Ac Installed Without Permits T21DV03149 1145
2142 S Roberto Pl 05-10-21 Building Active Have Built A Shed Andf Gazebo Without Permits T21DV02765 1161
1411 E Bilby Rd 05-07-21 Building Active Have Added Two Rooms Without Permits T21DV02732 1164
1411 E Bilby Rd 05-07-21 Building Active Added A Room To Mobile Home T21DV02734 1164
1411 E Bilby Rd 05-07-21 Building Active Added A Room To The Unit T21DV02733 1164
1411 E Bilby Rd 05-07-21 Building Active Unit 13 - Room Added Without Permits T21DV02743 1164
1635 W Roger Rd 05-07-21 Building Active Renovating Community Bathrooms & Clubhouse. We Were Visiting Afriend When We Saw Some Pretty Shady Workmanship. I Am No Contractor But The Electric In The Clubhouse And The Doors To The Bathrooms Looks Like The Whole Building Structure Has Been Compromised T21DV02722 1164
1635 W Roger Rd 03-23-21 Building Active Potential Fire Hazard. Remodeling Unit 13, Renovating #10, 17 Aluminum Wiring & Clubhouse, Check Electric Load To Main House.Laundry All Sheds-Includes Large Hole On The Roof T21DV01631 1209
410 N Gollob Rd 02-03-21 Building Active Attached A Shade Structure To House Going All The Way To Property Line Without Permits. T21DV00585 1257
255 W Fort Lowell Rd 09-24-20 Building Active Work Without Permits T20DV06453 1389
6833 S Downing Av 09-09-20 Building Active Metal Building On North Side Of Building Storing Building Materials T20DV06152 1404
221 E Wetmore Rd 07-29-20 Other Active Outdoor Lights On North End Of Property Not Shielded And On After The Business Is Closed T20DV05137 1446
9918 E Deer Trail 06-23-20 Zoning Active Sidewalk Repairs Not Being Repaired T20DV04348 1482
1620 N Wilmot Rd 05-26-20 Building Active Work Without Permits T20DV03639 1510
858 W Nebraska St 05-26-20 Building Active New House Built And Permit Expired T20DV03611 1510
8549 E Tanque Verde Rd 05-07-20 Building Active An Occupied Itiny Housei Has Been Built On The Propertythere Are No Permits Listed For Such A Structure On Pro. T20DV03130 1529
10495 E Tanque Verde Rd 04-27-20 Zoning Active Undeveloped Land Being Grading Without Permits. T20DV02850 1539
819 W 26th St 01-30-20 Prop Maint Active Excess Storage On Property. Trash/Debris T20DV00714 1627

Clicking on the activity number will bring up more information about a particular case.

ActiveNewly opened case where inspection is not yet completed
CitationCase is open, owner has not responded to Notice of Violation therefore a citation has been issued
Closed-ResolvedCompliant with requirements - case closed
Closed-UnfoundedNo valid violation or problem solved before inspection - no further action taken - case closed
ObserveTypically used for cases where the owner is granted time to comply either though an appeal or other administrative extensions where the inspector is not required to inspect every 30 days.
PendingCase opened, violation(s) identified and Notice of Violation has been mailed out. Waiting for compliance.
ReceivedCase opened but not yet assigned for inspection - to better control workloads
ReferredCase sent to other City department

Date Entered - Date a new case was opened by entering complaint information into the computer system. The goal is to open the case within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Tucson City Code Enforcement Division. Latest code enforcement violations. Index to neighborhoods.

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